Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, and Brodsky provide progressive comprehensive care in a comfortable, patient-oriented environment. We believe all patients deserve to be treated in a kind, considerate, and painless manner.

You can trust Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, and Brodsky to help you look and feel your best — we have combined over forty years of experience in doing just that! In addition, we’ve published extensively in national and international scientific journals.

Periodontal Services

Comprehensive Oral Exam

The first step in determining the proper treatment for any patient is to perform a thorough examination. We'll do assess the health of your muscles and joints, the bone and gum around your teeth, the presence or absence of gum pockets and gum disease, and take impressions or x-rays of your teeth if necessary.

Oral Cancer Screening

You receive a thorough examination of your bone and soft tissues in and around your mouth to determine whether we see any signs of oral cancer. We use the latest technology to carry out a differential diagnosis of any suspicious areas we may find.

home care services

Periodontal Cleanings and Home Care Instruction

We make sure you understand how to control the bacteria in your mouth for better longterm oral health. Our highly experienced and incredibly gentle hygienists perform thorough cleanings and teach you to take care of your mouth at home. We adapt all home care techniques to you as an individual and periodically take x-rays as necessary.

Deep Cleanings (Root Planing & Curettage)

We want to make sure you don't undergo any more treatment than is absolutely necessary for your oral health. By cleaning out the bacteria and tartar beneath your gums and gently removing the inflamed lining of the gum pockets, we can eliminate or dramatically reduces the need for gum surgery.

Crown Lengthening

When a tooth is fractured below the gum line, this area must be uncovered before the tooth can be restored. Crown lengthening is a simple procedure where we reshape your gum and bone to uncover tooth structure, allowing your dentist to properly restore your tooth.

Esthetic Gum Recontouring

Too much or too little gum is not only unattractive, it's also unhealthy. Fortunately, these problems are easily treated by gently reshaping the gum and bone surrounding the teeth, so that the gum is positioned at a healthy, attractive level following treatment.

Covering Exposed Roots (Gum Recession)

Soft tissue grafting covers your exposed roots, improves your smile, and establishes a healthy band of gum to protect your bone against bacteria. We specialize in techniques to eliminate discomfort after the procedure.

Periodontal Therapy to Eliminate Pockets

When bacteria gets beneath your gums, it separates the gum from the tooth, forming a pocket. The bacteria sits in this pocket beyond the reach of brushing and flossing and destroys the bone supporting your teeth. We use conservative periodontal surgical therapies to eliminate pockets, often with proteins to help rebuild the bone around your teeth.

Implant Services

Same Day Implant Reconstruction

If all your teeth are hopeless in your upper or lower (or both) jaws, Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, and Brodsky will remove your hopeless teeth, place implants, and insert a full set of teeth which you do not remove— all done in one day. You walk in with hopeless or missing teeth; you walk out with a new set of teeth which do not come out.

Regrowing Your Bone When Teeth Are Removed

When Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, & Brodsky gently remove your tooth, they will clean out any infection which is present, and utilize “calcium material” and a covering membrane to rebuild the damaged bone. As a result, the adjacent teeth remain healthy, beautiful, and ready for implant placement.

Regrowing Lost Bone with Sinus Augmentation

When your upper back teeth have been missing for some time, the bone in the area is lost and there is not enough bone for placement of implants. We will work with you to regrow the bone in this area, through a simple sinus augmentation procedure.

Growing Bone at the Time of Implant Placement in Your Upper Posterior Area

An osteotome lift is a simple procedure which lifts the floor of the sinus in the precise area of implant placement, without involving bone grafting. Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, and Brodsky are well versed in this procedure, having published numerous articles regarding its proper use.

Placing Implants When Molars Are Removed

Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, and Brodsky utilize special techniques to place an implant during the same visit that a molar is removed over 95% of the time. These techniques were developed and published by Dr. Fugazzotto, and are taught at schools throughout the world.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

We can replace your missing teeth with permanent implants. After a thorough evaluation, we work with your general dentist to put together the best treatment plan for your specific situation. Our implants have the most advanced surfaces, speeds the “bonding” of the implants to the bone.

Sleep Therapy Services

Sleep Apnea

If you have mild or moderate sleep apnea, Drs. Fugazzotto, Rost, and Brodsky can fabricate a specifically designed appliance similar to a night guard to treat your sleep apnea. We give patients a home sleep test to assess whether a mouth guard type of appliance is appropriate for treatment of a patient's sleep apnea.